shazzykins (shazzykins) wrote,

Damn I'm Interesting

You know what I hate? Stalkers. Pathetic people with so little going on in their own meaningless lives that even after you've realised this and severed all ties with them.. find ways to secretly spy on you without you knowing untill they get sloppy and are found out. BY TRYING TO START SHIT BY TELLING PEOPLE STUFF THEY READ IN IT. PEOPLE I TALK TO. ON A REGULAR BASIS. Idiot. You're dumber than I thought. I don't know HOW the hell you're doing it or even WHY, but that's pretty fucking sad. Pretending you're okay with the whole situation but then continuing to freaking SPY on me. Am I really THAT damn interesting?? Will you die if you don't find out what happens next in my oh so interesting life? Whatever. Troll. I think I fixed it now. Maybe you'll go get a life now that you don't have mine to obsess over. Actualy wait.. nahh.. somehow I just can't see that happening. :(


Okay So I figured out how you've been able to spy on me. I didn't realise you were on my list as I don't use this often untill recently. You weren't being as sneaky as I thought but the fact is you're still trolling my journalafter the fact that we've severed all ties so I still think you're sad.
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